Do Mops Spread Disease?

Building managers should become aware of some of the studies available on how the tools we use to clean surfaces—specifically, cleaning cloths and mops—can sometimes spread disease and cause cross-contamination.
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Abandon Your Cleaning Cart and Stop the Mop

Face it. We’re having a love affair with technology. And who can blame us? Gadgets like smart phones and Nest thermostats transform the mundane experience of making a call or setting a comfortable temperature into a simple, beautiful and effective moment.
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Five Signs You Have an Unpleasant Restroom—and How to Fix it

Unpleasant restrooms impact your business according to a study by the Bradley Corporation. This survey found that dirty, smelly, poorly-stocked restrooms do more than gross-out clientele. They indicate that management doesn’t value its employees or customers, or even worse, is too lazy or sloppy to care.
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