C-Flor Floor Cleaner

Description :
Cemcare is a floor cleaner, ready to use in auto scrubbers, Or can be used with a mop and bucket.

Salient Features:
• Helps to remove dirt, stains on the floors.
• Safe on most floor finishes.
• Leaves a fresh fragrance.

Cemcare Floor Cleaner may be used in the following applications: Cleaning of floors in homes, offices, hospitals and hotels in order to maintain cleanliness & hygiene. Suitable for all floor types-Stone, ceramic, tiles, marble, terrazzo etc

Typical Properties
Appearance: Transparent clear liquid Colour : Colourless Solubility : Soluble in water Specific gravity at 25° C : 1.01 - 1.05 pH at 25° C : 7.50 - 9.50

Directions for use:
Cemcare Floor Cleaner may be used in the following manner. Mix about 20 - 50 ml of the product in about 10 liters of water. Use a mop or scrubber to clean the floor with the diluted liquid. Wipe the floor with clean water.

Storage Condition:
Cemcare Floor Cleaner should be stored in closed containers, in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Cemcare Floor Cleaner is stable for 2 years under proper storage conditions. Packing: Cemcare Floor Cleaner is packed in 5 kg & 25 kg plastic kegs.

Information :
For more information or samples contact us at facilities@cemng.com

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