Cemcare Degreaser. HD(Heavy Duty)

Degreaser. HD is heavy duty degreaser in a clear liquid form for industrial cleaning. Degreaser. HD
- is clear liquid with good wetting and cleaning properties
- is suitable for excellent degreasing application

Degreaser. HD is used in the following application. Rig wash. Dip tank. Oil vessels. Cleaning in Oil & Gas Industry, and Areas where heavy cleaning and degreasing is required Like Industrial floors, Industrial machinery etc

Typical properties:
Appearance: Clear Liquid
Density at 20oC 0.985-1.020 gm/cc

Recommended Dosage:
Degreaser. HD is to be used without any dilution.

Storage condition:
Degreaser. HD should be stored in a dry and closed place below 30oC
If in open condition, keep in closed containers.
Prevent from exposure to direct sun light & moisture.

Hazard category:
Non irritant, non hazardous, non toxic.

Preservatives & Antioxidants:
Preservative present

Shelf life:
Degeaser. HD is stable for 2 years under proper storage conditions.

Degreaser. HD is delivered in 25kg plastic barrels.

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