Hand trowel for cleaning flat elevated surfaces, such as countertops, desktops, tabletops, partitions and much more. Velcro on the bottom securely affixes an 18-inch microfiber pad. The Hand Trowel delivers the benefits of a long-looped microfiber pad for cleaning horizontal and vertical surfaces.

It penetrates all micro pores of surfaces as the long-loops assure even contact to the surface. The microfiber delivers a superior capillary action to hold more cleaning solution and spread it evenly. The microfiber removes up to 99.98% of bacteria and fungi. The mop heads attach to the hand trowel with velcro-type strips for a secure, yet easily removable pad.

◦Designed for use with all multi-purpose cleaners
◦Covers more area in less time than hand-held cloths with constant contact to surface
◦Removes fingerprints, smears, spills, dust, debris
◦Cleans quickly, leaving surfaces dry and streak-free
◦Trowel allows cleaning with a supported handle to reduce wrist strain