MicroFibre SmartTowel

The SmartTowel is the latest defense against cross-contamination. The microfibre towel is numbered in quadrants-1 through 4 on one side, and 5 through 8 on the other. This allows the user to fold the towel and use one quadrant at a time. When a quadrant becomes soiled, the user can simply fold the towel the next in sequence using the number system. With the ability to manage which section of the towel has been used, the user can effectively reduce the risk of cross-contamination and clean with confidence.

While "old-fashioned" cotton cleaning tools simply push around dirt, bacteria and chemicals, microfiber attracts dirt, absorbs chemicals and reduces bacteria.

It's Healthier!
When a bacteria culture is taken after cleaning with a microfiber towel, there can be up to a 99% reduction from pre-cleaning vs. just a 33% reduction when using regular cotton towels.

It's Smart!
• Reduce towel costs by 80%: Microfiber Smarttowel can be laundered/washed up to 750 times. Compare that to the 50 times of regular towels.
• Save 90-95% per day in product costs: Because of microfiber's increased efficiency and efficacy, you can experience water and chemical savings as much as 90-95% per day.
• Lower labor costs by 20% per day: Using microfiber reduces fatigue, employees also make fewer trips to change water/solution.
• Lint free and non abrasive

Extend useful cleaning time. Get more out of your Microfiber SmartTowel, with better results! Use for:
* Car Exterior / Interiors
* Computer / Television / LCD’s / iPad
* Brass and Stainless Steel
* Windows / Glass / mirrors
* Motorcycle, Bicycles
* Workshop Garages
* Work Surfaces, Furnitures
* Kitchen Counters
* Bathroom Fixtures / Commodes
* Jewelry, Toys
* Tilled Walls
* Silverware, Copper
* and much more tasks!