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When it comes to cleaning restrooms and other heavily soiled areas, nothing beats Spray-and-Vac cleaning technology—and the OmniFlex approach offers an easy way to get there. Just combine the OmniFlex Pump System with the Wet/Dry Vacuum and the Trolley-Bucket for the ultimate cleaning experience.

Modeled after the original Spray-and-Vac system, Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning® machine, the OmniFlex system is built for extreme soil removal. It empowers workers to clean hygienically without touching contaminated surfaces. Plus, it helps cut labor, chemical and equipment costs.

• Education
• Food Service
• Convenience Stores
• Healthcare
• Retail
• Restroom Cleaning
• Kitchen Cleaning
• Stairwell Cleaning
• Stripping Waxed Floors
• Spill Pick-up
• Flood Pick-up

Why is Spray-and-Vac Better?
Traditional cleaning tools, like mops and wipes, remove very few soils, germs and other indoor pollutants. In fact, studies show they often simply spread them around. Then, workers end up crawling around on their hands and knees wiping soiled surfaces and fixtures by hand.

Modeled after Kaivac’s industry-leading No-Touch Cleaning® systems, the OmniFlex™ Spray-and-Vac system is specifically designed to remove the maximum amount of soil and bio-pollution. Just apply automatically diluted cleaning solution to fixtures and floors in low pressure, and then wash the soils loose with a power rinse of always-fresh, clean water.

The indoor pressure washer flushes soils out of grout lines and tight places that mops can’t reach. Finally, just vacuum the floor dry -- completely removing soils, moisture and biopollution from all surfaces, grout lines and crevices, leaving the floor dry and soil free.


OmniFlex™ Spray-and-Vac System Includes:
_ OmniFlex Black Box Pump System
_ OmniFlex Wet/Dry Vacuum
_ OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket

Vacuum Specifications:
Vac Tank: 10 Gallons (37,85 l)
Dump/Drain Hose: 23 inches (58,4 cm) long
Vac Tank Cleanout: 100% via Dump/Drain Hose
Vac CFM: 60 cfm (1700 l/min)
Vac Motor Lift: 80 inches (203,2 cm)

Pump System Specifications:
Spray Line 150 psi Model: 25 ft (7,62 m)
500 psi Model: 45 ft (13,7 m)
Quick-Connect Gun: Yes
Electrical Cord: 25 ft. (7,6 m)

150 psi Pump (10,3 bars)
Low Pressure Flow Rate: 1.20 GPM (4,5 l/min)
High Pressure Flow Rate: .30 GPM (1,1 l/min)

500 psi Pump (34,5 bars)
Low Pressure Flow Rate: 1.00 GPM (3,8 l/min)
High Pressure Flow Rate: .75 GPM (2,8 l/min)