All facility management or cleaning companies may appear similar until you take a closer look at Corporate and Environmental Maintenance Ltd.

What separates us from other companies offering same services is the fact that clients count on us for cost-effective operations management solutions.


INTEGRATED FACILITY SERVICE. Focus on your core business and leave the rest to the facility management professionals at CEM.

SUSTAINABILITY. CEM consistently leads the field in initiating the use of more efficient building and cleaning approaches. This includes eco-friendly designs and chemicals; light weight, maneuverable equipment; better approaches to project delivery; and an ongoing investment in specialty equipment.
In cleaning services, we pioneered the introduction of innovative and successful environmental friendly cleaning programs. Our clients reap the benefits of green cleaning, which impacts employee health and morale, the company’s reputation and the bottom line.

SAFETY AND TRAINING. We maintain one of the best safety records in the industry. The CEM safety program includes on-site training, visual inspections and corresponding documentation.
You’ll have peace of mind, knowing your facility are handled professionally. CEM makes safety and training a priority at all facility sites.

STRINGENT HIRING AND SELECTION PROCESS. Our employees embrace company values, and we believe in treating everyone justly and fairly. Performance based recognition, extensive training, and opportunities for advancement all result in greater productivity and service longevity.

SERVING YOU IN ONE MARKET OR MANY. You can rest assured we have you covered. We have nationwide coverage with experience in many industries, ranging commercial, healthcare, and institutional to high tech and retail.

National Coverage
Our network of regional and state facility management experts provide local knowledge, access to talent, and personal attention in hundreds of markets across the country. You benefit from our ability to recruit, train, and support our building maintenance teams across the nation.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Together with you, we develop standards of performance by which the quality of our services can be measured. Our quality program delivers:
• A clear focus on providing what we promise.
• Well-defines policies and procedures centered on our clients’ business objectives.
• Internal and external quality reviews to ensure that we are meeting performance, efficiency and safety compliance benchmarks.
• Continual performance improvement.

Through a dedicated and trained staff who administer our quality program, the CEM process ensures you that:
• Our employees are accountable for their respective roles in delivering quality service.
• Our employees understand your objectives.
• We meet your objectives
• Our employees have the training, tools and support to succeed.
• We create clear and measurable goals, communicate them effectively and measure performance.
• We remedy any areas requiring improvement from the previous audit

Through a single account, we have the ability to monitor multiple buildings. This enhances consistency, consolidates performance metrics, and reduces your time spent on coordinating efforts across all your properties.
Business entities, like people, are judged by the company they keep. No matter what service you outsource, the competency of the BSC provider you choose will affect the outcome. One does not have to look far to find companies that have suffered because of building service provider disaster: incompetent service, financial failures, poor hiring practice, violation laws, lack of concern for environmental or energy issues, and a host of other landmines that can hurt you and your business.
Therefore, choosing a building service provider should not be a commodity-driven decision, choose CEM, the building service provider that is worth it!

“To understand your needs and exceed your expectations”.